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Instructions for submitting both

ATPAM Press Agents: Please continue to submit releases as usual. Thank you.

Non-ATPAM Press Agents: Both press releases for Talkin' Broadway's ALL THAT CHAT and listing requests for Talkin' Broadway's ON THE BOARDS are accepted from Non-ATPAM members only if they meet the following format and information requirements.

RUSH and STANDING ROOM policies can be emailed to the listings editor ( Only information sent or confirmed by show or theater representatives will be listed.

All press releases and listing information will be submitted via email to the listings editor ( in plain ascii text in the body of the email. Do not include any PDF, text, photo, or graphic attachments to the email. Do not include any photographs or graphics in the body of the email. Do not use any elaborate or multi-column formatting. If production photos or graphics for the production are available, please give a URL link to them or an email address where they may be requested.

Minimum required information which must be included in all press releases and listing requests:

1. The complete title of the production.

2. The venue name and complete venue address. Please include the box office hours if the venue has a box office which will be opened during the week.

3. If the production will be playing previews, the date of the first public preview performance.

4. Either the date of the official opening performance or the first public performance for productions not playing previews.

5. The closing date or a statement that the production is an open ended run.

6. Either identify the ticket broker for the venue or include a phone number or email address for reservations or ticket sales.

7. If a running time is known or can be estimated, a running time for the production and whether or not an intermission is scheduled.

8. A weekly performance schedule - days and times of all performances.

9. Information on Standing Room or Rush ticket availability.

Listing requests for Talkin' Broadway's ON THE BOARDS will only be considered if there are a minimum of five (5) public performances of the production and the listing request is received at least three (3) work days prior to the first public performance.

Charity or benefit events are usually not listed in ON THE BOARDS, but may be promoted through press releases on ALL THAT CHAT.