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Bearded Ladies' Late Night Snacks Family Cabaret: Green Eggs and A Graham Cracker
2019 Fringe Festival
Review by Rebecca Rendell | Season Schedule

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For the 2019 Fringe Festival, Philly's favorite Bearded Ladies Cabaret are once again offering a delectable buffet of cabaret performances. This year's Late Night Snacks includes several family friendly Sunday performances that start at 5pm. Bursting with fun energy these shows are precisely the treat Philadelphia parents and kids have been craving.

An East Passyunk industrial space has been specially outfitted for the occasion and each performance is unique. The session I attended featured an introductory set by the founding artistic director of The Bearded Ladies Cabaret, John Jarboe, a lively three-piece band, and the always spectacular Martha Graham Cracker. Jarboe's quick wit and endless charm got things off to a joyful start. Martha Graham Cracker's easy humor and powerhouse vocals captivated everyone in the place, from the tiniest humans to the most exhausted caretakers.

This is exactly the caliber of comedy and musicianship we have come to expect from the Bearded Ladies and Martha Graham Cracker in particular. What was truly astonishing was the effortless rapport both ladies had with the gaggle of young people in the audience. Navigate through a sea of rug rats in platform stilettos? No problem. Engage with a half dozen toddlers desperate to know what fuchsia feels like? Sure thing! With earnest affection and respect that is all too often lacking in children's theater the Bearded Ladies have created an experience any family would be lucky to share. Lots more of this pretty, pretty please, with sprinkles and hot fudge, and a cherry on top!

The Bearded Ladies' late night offerings continue with different artists every night through September 29, 2019, at 1316 S. Percy Street, Philadelphia PA. Another Sunday Family Cabaret performance featuring a Royaltea Party with John Jarboe and Cookie Diorio will take place on September 29th. For tickets visit