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Regional Reviews: Philadelphia

Those with 2 Clocks
The Wilma Theater
Review by Rebecca Rendell

Jenn Kidwell, Mel Krodman, and Jess Conda
Photo by Johanna Austin
Where is the line between funny and offensive? Who gets to decide what is acceptable fodder for comedians? Why do some familiar things make us uncomfortable and how can we create space that is truly comfortable for anyone? These are the serious questions at the heart of Those with 2 Clocks, a hilariously funny and profoundly insightful take-down of the patriarchy now playing at the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia.

Part provocative sketch comedy and part interactive experience, Those with 2 Clocks is satisfyingly well executed and marvelously unique. More importantly, it is a damn good time. The performers and creators of this exciting new work are Jess Conda, Jenn Kidwell, and Mel Krodman. Collectively known as Tall Order, the trio's sketch comedy is laugh-out-loud funny and more titillating than the red light district in Amsterdam. Their insights into the damage caused by the patriarchy are absolutely devastating.

It may be impossible to understand Those with 2 Clocks without experiencing it, but the basic structure can be broken down into three parts. The first part is a series of outrageously funny, frequently offensive, and always clever comedy sketches. There's a dirty Santa who turns out to be Bill Cosby and some aggressive cops who transition to exotic dancers in the blink of an eye. Less than ten minutes in and I was laughing so hard I cried. The second part is a more reflective transitional moment that pushes the boundaries of traditional theater and tests the audience's patience in the best possible way. The third part is an immersive onstage experience featuring great music, comfortable space, and some unexpected art.

Others have attempted this sort of interactive experience, but I have never seen it pulled off quite so well. I walked onto the stage expecting to make a quick loop and ended up staying more than an hour and having an absolutely great time dancing, sitting, chatting, and literally throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

Those with 2 Clocks is a challenging, unexpected, and deviously entertaining night out. The performance also offers a tantalizing glimpse into what theater will be like after the fall of the patriarchy. As the members of Tall Order would doubtless agree, it cannot come soon enough.

Those with 2 Clocks runs through October 23, 2022, at the Wilma Theater 265 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia PA. For tickets and information, please visit or call 215-546-7824.

Featuring: Jess Conda, Jenn Kidwell*, Mel Krodman*
Grand Doula: Rosie Herrera
DJ/Composer: Robi D Light

Costume Designer: Kimberly Max Brown, Phd
Co-Lighting Designer: Amith Chandrashaker
Co-Lighting Designer: Abigail Hoke-Brady
Set Designer: Meredith Ries
Sound Designer: Liz Atkinson
Associate Sound Designer: Anthony Martinez-Briggs