Talkin Broadway

Damon Runyon's Broadway

A Tribute to Laurie Hope Beechman

We Are The Dreamers

Sally Bowles

Stalkin' Broadway

Sailing with the STARS!

The Capeman Speaks

Who really closed The Capeman?

All the World's A Stage

Sailing, Sailing


Carried Away

The Jig is Up

The Night Zsa Zsa Kissed Me!

Ballroom Memories

David kinda guy!

My Dog Chooses Mame!

A Tree Grows in Duffy Square

"...At This Performance, the Role of Roxie Hart"

Chicago '96 vs. Chicago '75

Peter Pan was Hung!

Divine Inspiration

Eartha Meets V.J., the Drunkard!

Eartha... Followup

Rex, or Turkey Supreme!

Arthur Murray Didn't Teach Me to Dance in a Hurry!

Piaf! An Embarrassing Question

Piaf, a Tribute

Piaf, a Tribute French Translation


Bill Ayers....the Best Second Actor I Ever Met

A Sardi's Tale!

A Broadway Halloween

Get Out of the Theatre!

"I Had a Dream..."

"Why is Stephen Sondheim Sitting at My Table?"

The Bridge of Size

The Quality of Mercy

The Return to Neverland

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